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Узагальнюючий урок з теми:"Спорт" 7 клас

Тема: "Sport is Fun"
Мета:1) Практична: проконтролювати знання лексичного матеріалу з теми «Спорт», практикувати учнів в аудіюванні, читанні, письмі, удосконалювати навички спілкування; пропагувати здоровий образ життя;

to practice lexical material on the topic;
to practice students’ listening, reading, writing skills.
to improve communicative skills;
to promote a healthy way of life;
to educate pupils’ respect to the people who go info sport;
to develop pupils’ interest in sport.
to develop the skills of grammar;
Books, notebooks, cards, presentation.
Type of the lesson: combinatory.
Motto of the lesson A sound mind in a sound body
*1 . Beginning of the lesson.
T. Good morning, children.
I am glad to see you.
T. Who is on duty tо day ?
P. I am on duty today. Panko is absent . It is Thursday. It is the twenty first of February. It is not snowing . The temperature is 5 degrees below zero.
T. Thank you for your report. And look , please , at the blackboard and try to guess the theme of the lesson.
T. Yes, the theme of our lesson is” Sport is fun.”
Motto of the lesson A sound mind in a sound body
T. What another proverbs do you know?
P1. After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.
P2. Sport to the cat is death to the mouse.
T. Children, look at the blackboard and repeat after me:
The best of the sport is to do the deed and to say nothing.
Кращий спорт - здійснювати вчинки без зайвих слів.
In sports and journeys men are known.
Люди пізнаються в спорті і в подорожах.
It's not whether you win or lose that matters, it's how you play the game.
Неважливо, виграєш ти або програєш, важливо, як ти граєш.
War is a sport of kings.
Війна - спорт королів.
Stumbling is not falling.
Спіткнутися - не впасти.

3. Main body.
T: Answer the following questions filling in the spidergrame.

T. Pupils, let’s speak about advantages and dis advantages of going in for sport.
-To have a healthy mind you must have a healthy body.
-Sport builds character.
-Sport makes men out of boys.
-It teaches you to win and lose.
-It takes a lot of time.
-Sport causes a lot of troubles.
-It takes a lot of energy.
-It makes you unhappy when you lost.
T. Look at the blackboard. Here you can see the words. Please, help me to translate them.
1) to train
2) training
3) a coach
4) a trouble
5) to receive
6) to punish
7) to invent
8) to exist
9) impossible
10) to participate
T. And now match the words with their definitions
1) to train a) to make think of for the first time;
2) training b) a teacher or the trainer;
3) a coach c) opposite to “ possible”;
4) a trouble d) to live or to be real;
5) to receive e) to make a person suffer for wrong he has done;
6) to punish f) a course of special exercises, practice;
7) to invent g) to take part in;
8) to exist h) to teach or learn how to do something;
9) impossible i) a difficult or dangerous situation;
10) to participate j) to get.
T.Listen to me and then give one word for the following definitions:
A game for two teams that you play with a ball and a basket.(basketball)
A game that you play on board.(chess)
A game for two teams that you play with the sticks on the ice-ground.(ice- hockey)
A game for two people that you play with a small ball on the table. (table -tennis)
An English popular game.(football)
This kind of sport includes things like running, jumping, etc. (athletics)
Canada’s national sport is… (hockey)
You can swim there in winter (swimming- pool) T. For many of sports England is the birthplace . Let’s watch the presentation and say some words about these kinds of sport.
(Presentation “ English kinds of sport”)
P1- Tennis. (Tennis is played by both men and women. Tennis was invented in 1872. Wimbledon is associated with a lawn tennis and the first championship at Wimbledon was in 1877. Wimbledon championships are held every May in London nowadays).
P2- Ice hockey (this game is played by two teams of 6 players each on an ice field).
P3- Cricket (Cricket is the most popular English summer game. It has been played since the beginning of the 18th century. It is played from May to September. The game is very beautiful. You need a special field for that game).
P4- Horseracing (Some people say that horse racing is the king of sports in GB. buy others call it the sport of the kings. Only rich people can afford going it for this kind of sport).
P5- Rowing (Rowing is the most popular of all kinds of sport at the oldest English universities. The University Boat Race is a traditional sport competition between Oxford and Cambridge. It is held at the end of March on the river Thames).
P6- Badminton (Badminton is one of the most popular game played all over the world. Badminton rules were invented in England).
P7-Football (Football is a winter game in Great Britain, because winters are never cold. The Football Association Cup is considered the best prize a team can get, and the Final Cup is the most important football event. It is played in May at Wembley Stadium).
P8-Rugby (Rugby football is played by teams of 15 or 13 members. The ball is oval, not round, and a player is allowed to take the ball in the hand and run with it. Rugby is a violent game and it is a national sport in Wales).
P9- Boxing as a British sport is one of the oldest. It existed even in Saxon times.

T. Now we have the language exercise `` Microphone``. Boys and girls! Today we have a guest , a reporter, from a famous TV program``Sport TV``. Ask her/him some questions about sport.
v Do you like sport?
v What is your favourite kind of sport?
v How often do you have the training?
v What is your favourite football team?
v Who is your favourite sportsman?
v What sport does he(she) compete in?
v Is sport useful?

T. Learning any languages is impossible without learning grammar.
The grammar rules in this theme are about the Past Passive. You know
this tense is formed by means of auxiliary verb was/were +3 form of the main verb.
Write the formula on the board. Let’s do grammar exercise. Put the verbs in brackets into the past passive.
1. Rugby (to start) in Britain in 1823.
2. The first set of rules (to introduce) in 1845.
3. The first national championship (to hold) a hundred years ago.
4. The standard game (to play) by teams of 15.
Teacher: One of the most popular game in the world, as in Britain and as in Ukraine is basketball. .Look at your cards. Here you can see some information about basketball. I ask you read the text and choose the answer which is right in your opinion. You have 3 minutes. Read and translate the text.
Basketball was...(1) by Dr James A. Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts. Today, basketball is usually played (2) ....... on a court.
There are ten players in a team but only five of them are on the court at the (3)...... time. A game consists of two halves of 20 minutes each, so a complete game lasts (4)....... minute’s altogether. At each end of the court there is a basket and the object of the game is to throw the ball into the (5)....... basket and score as many points as possible.
1. a) made b) invented c) called d) born
2. a) out b) in c) into d) indoors
3. a) other b) right c) same d) wrong time
4. a) twenty b) forty c) sixty d) ten minutes
5. a) opponent’s b) team’s c) club’s d) man’s

Key: 1.-invented 2-indoors 3- same 4-forty 5-opponent''s

T. Listening Activity. Listen about one more English game and be ready to do task after the text. (p. 197 Tapescript 11)
Say if it is true or false.
1. People in all countries in the world love to play this difficult game.
2. People who live in countries, which were Britain colonies, play this game.
3. A professional cricketer is more qualified than a player who does not get money for it.
4. A professional cricketer gets more money for the game that an amateur.
5. A professional cricketer has higher level than an amateur.
6. The players don’t want this game to be so dangerous.
7. It is a rude game, but players like it to be a bit risky.
4. Summary
T. Well , pupils you worked well today. I hope now you ‘ll go info sport. Sport is fun. Do you agree with me? I like your work and your marks are …
Your home task for the next lesson is to write the letter to your pen-friend about your favourite kind of sport..
You may be free, good bye.

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